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Five great social media marketing tips for your small business

1. Keep it short and simple!

Most people scan-read their Facebook feeds so make sure it’s easy to understand in a very short amount of time. If you’re struggling to keep it brief, remember a picture tells a thousand words!

2. Photos are a clever way to take up more space in a News Feed.

Use a photo that looks great, even when small, for best results. Including a link? Don’t use the auto-generated thumbnail image, add your own for maximum impact.

3. Not sure who your ‘target market’ is?

Think of your best customer and create posts they would like. No matter who you’re writing for, keep positive! Upbeat posts are more likely to get shares, likes and comments than those that are neutral or negative.

4. Sticking to text?

The most effective kind of text post to get fans involved is ‘fill-in-the-blank’ style. Ask an open-ended question for fans to answer in the comments section. These generate about 90% more engagement than the average text post.

5. Run a small biz promotion on Central Coast Mums

For more info on our $165 small business promotion please contact us at www.centralcoastmums.com/advertise

Central Coast Mums can create custom Facebook marketing plans, configure content, set up ads and pre-schedule it all, but it’s nothing without someone who knows as much about your business as you. Follow the above tips and you can create content your Facebook fans will keep coming back for.


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