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National Home Doctor Service

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What do you do when your child is sick and your GP is closed?

It’s a dilemma many parents are familiar with. The baby is sick, but your GP is unavailable. Until now you’ve been faced with the choice – try and ‘ride it out’ overnight or take the child to the Emergency Department. But now the Central Coast has a new medical service – National Home Doctor Service (13SICK). They provide bulk billed, after hours, doctor home visits on weeknights, weekends and public holidays, whenever your regular GP is closed.
They can take care of those urgent, episodic but not life-threatening illnesses and accidents that happen in families all the time. 

Want to find out more? Just visit www.homedoctor.com.au

Want to book a doctor home visit?  It’s so easy – just make the call on 13SICK (13 7425), or book online at www.homedoctor.com.au.

Their call centres are open to take your booking from: 4pm weekdays, 12pm Saturdays, all day Sunday & public holidays.

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